Sunday, May 30, 2010

Six Layer Rainbow Ribbon Jell-O

Please note, before attempting to create: make sure that your refrigerator is indeed sitting perfectly level, or you may find your anal-retentive self panicking, crying, and wanting to throw out a perfectly fine-tasting, but perfectly slanted, rainbow ribbon salad, convinced that everyone at your husband's family reunion will notice and judge you for it. ;) *Whew!* Nothing like sweating the small stuff, huh??

This is good, but SO time-intensive. After this last debaucle, I'm still trying to decide if it's worth more tears and frustration. I mean, it's good...but is it 4-hours-work-worth of good? I'm sure anyone enjoying the fruits of my labor would say yes; me, I'm not so sure yet. :) Maybe I'll try a second time and see how that goes??

**The picture included is NOT my creation. I truly wish it were.

1 pkg. of:
Black Cherry Jell-o (bottom)
Strawberry Jell-o
Lime Jell-o
Lemon Jell-o
Orange Jell-o
Cherry Jell-o
16 oz. sour cream

Directions: Make each box of Jell-o with 1 cup of hot water. Mix 1/2 cup Jell-o with 1/3 cup sour cream. Layer in pan. Cool in fridge for 20 minutes. Then pour the rest (regular colored Jell-o) on top. Pour into a spoon first so as not to melt the Jell-o already there. Repeat with all layers.

Takes at least 4 hours to make!!